Software Applications have evolved significantly over the past 5 years.

Whether desktop or mobile, today’s applications are visually powerful, feature seamless user experiences, and run on a variety of operating platforms. Much of this advancement is due to improvements in process, and specifically the implementation of low code development platforms. While traditional app development required considerable manual effort to create new software, government agencies can now utilize low code platforms to increase efficiency, improve reliability and revamp the user experience — all in a fraction of the time. At AcisTek, we’re leading the way.

Open Low Code platforms have paved the way for delivering streamlined IT Solutions with a promise of no vendor lock-in and at 1/10th of the cost. AcisTek leverages its well-established partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver highly tailored software applications within aggressive timelines and 1/3rd of the cost.

Key Benefits

  • World-class technologies
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Repeatable framework for seamless development and maintenance
  • Advanced tracking and reporting

Data Center Modernization

Data center modernization needs to do more than handle the exponential growth in agency data.  The modern data center strategy needs to mitigate security risks, accommodate the growth in applications and data sources, lower cost and energy requirements, and above all, enable the larger IT Modernization efforts.

AcisTek helps agencies take advantage of full or hybrid cloud transformation while optimizing their legacy investment, helping them achieve long-term sustainability for critical programs, services, and innovation.

As demands and requirements evolve

our legacy data center can no longer keep up with your mission. Having access to data isn’t good enough anymore, your team needs the ability to make sense of it quickly and leverage it for actionable outcomes. Fortunately, there’s a way for you to make the most out of your data while enabling your operations to scale in the future and adapt to new demands. Our team can help you with this while reducing your risk and saving cost.

At AcisTek, our team is dedicated to developing agile solutions to help you drive revenue without the added complexity. We take a big picture, collaborative approach to ensure we address your unique needs. From identifying the correct hardware to deployment and everything in-between, our hands-on team ensures your success every step of the way. Whether you choose an on-premise, cloud or hybrid model, our data modernization solutions can help your enterprise systems stay in compliance with modern security policies and plug into the necessary feeds without compromising your data. Leave your legacy data center behind and embrace an innovative path forward.

Key Benefits

  • Improved data performance means better insights faster
  • Increased data security
  • Greater data availability, less down time
  • Better support for data management tools & faster application provisioning
  • Lower cost, less maintenance
  • Easier scaling for future requirements

IT Modernization & Agile Development

Digital modernization is generating unprecedented capabilities and benefits to government agencies and the people they support. At AcisTek, we leverage Agile Solutions Development to deliver IT modernization services with best-of-breed solutions tailored to your needs. With our advanced IT modernization services, you can elevate your customer experience, increase systems security and enhance your mission outcomes, on-time, and on budget. Experience a smarter approach to IT modernization.

Digital innovation is creating brand new opportunities for organizations.

But antiquated legacy applications can hinder your mission-critical operations. Modernize your custom applications so they are agile, intelligent, secure and available anywhere. Using the very latest in emerging technologies, AcisTek has the knowledge to bring your systems up-to-date and create powerful software solutions that optimize workflows, budgets and more.

Leveraging cloud computing and other advanced capabilities, we can help you create state-of-the-art experiences for your customers. Following our proven Agile development process through regular Sprint cycles, we rapidly and seamlessly connect your IT systems to modern applications, all while minimizing disruption. With our IT modernization solutions, you team can reduce costs while creating new efficiencies and enhancing the overall quality of your operations. The results will speak for themselves.


Cloud Engineering

Today, cloud engineering is more of a necessity than a luxury. It’s almost impossible to achieve your mission objectives without the flexibility and scalability cloud engineering services provide. Our team delivers robust cloud engineering services that can both work with, or replace your existing enterprise environment. Our solutions can help increase efficiency, improve scalability and reduce costs, all while enhancing your security and overall collaboration. Our experienced cloud specialists will work with your team to identify your unique needs and create tailored cloud programs.

In the past, most government agencies could run software applications

on physical servers. But as work environments evolved and needs shifted, this on-site approach created limitations for organizations. In today’s increasingly digital landscape, migrating to the cloud is an essential step for many agencies. With cloud capabilities, teams have access to data anywhere, anytime. This means more collaboration and better productivity.

What’s more, serverless processes improve business performance and enable scalability over time. At AcisTek, we’re providing smarter, more secure solutions to help you thrive in the cloud. All of our cloud solutions are FedRAMP compliant. A number of our staff are AWS certified and have years of experience building solutions using Amazon’s Cloud Technologies, such as RedShift, Glacier, and more.

Successful cloud implementation starts with understanding infrastructure, vulnerabilities and requirements. We have over ten years of proven experience creating tailored frameworks with continuous delivery to help you accomplish your unique cloud initiatives. Using best practices, we integrate the appropriate technologies and services to optimize your current infrastructure while maintaining IT governance. With AcisTek cloud solutions, you can work more efficiently, securely and collaboratively while reducing overall costs. Find out what you can do by harnessing the power of the cloud.


Customer Experience

The customer experience is essential to driving positive outcomes. At AcisTek, our UX and UI specialists have years of dedicated experience developing responsive tools to help users easily interact with complex software and find the information they need, fast. See how we can help you improve the way you deliver information.

Enhanced Experiences. Measurable Results.

An intentional and continuously refined customer experience is proven to deliver positive results. From dashboards to native apps, focusing on the user experience is critical to achieving desired business objectives. Our team has the technical knowledge and proven track record to develop visually engaging experiences that put functionality first. Regardless of your UX / UI challenges, we can create a highly tailored strategy for your needs.

Leveraging decades of experience, our team of highly-skilled IT professionals provide a customized system that boosts efficiency and reduces costs. We take a collaborative, hands-on approach to ensure your requirements are met. We also provide key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your successes and ensure that outcomes enhance your user relationships while achieving your goals. Through years of UX / UI work, we’ve crafted a process that optimizes your look and feel without sacrificing functionality. When facing challenges such as shrinking budgets and increasing workloads, our team can help you deliver quality services for users.

Key Benefits

We also offer world-class help desk support for our clients. Our customer-oriented staff offer support via phone, chat, email, and more. Below are some of the technologies we use in support of our Service Desk model:

  • ServiceNow
  • RingCentral
  • NextTalk
  • Cisco Jabber