Data Center Modernization:

At the outset of the F-35 project, we knew that our team would have to help develop and provide support on three main modules that integrate into a larger system and provide important performance information from different categories into one place. One of the purposes of these modules was to move the customer from outdated in-person inventory checks to real-time system knowledge.

RDL helped develop three modules for (1) asset tracking, (2) equipment tracking, and (3) aircraft modification. Once developed, our team built out documentation, user guides, training materials, release notes, and more to make sure the modules were effectively implemented for all users.

It Modernization &Agile Development

RDL followed our Agile SCRUM development process for the F-35 Support project. This helped ensure (1) new features and enhancements were achieved according to customer request, (2) emergency system patches and production fixes were deployed, and (3) all customer requirements were addressed.

Our Agile SCRUM process consists of seven steps:

  • Meeting with our client
  • Meet internally
  • Follow Up with our client
  • Development & Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing & Monitoring
  • Push to Production
  • Training and evaluating our process

Customer Service

Our Agile process allows our team to adjust quickly to any changes requested by the customers, as well as provides our customers with constant opportunity to test and provide feedback on our modules. This led to continued customer satisfaction on this particular project and on other projects.